Thursday, May 22, 2003

Self-Proclaimed Terrorists

Few terrorists would ever admit that they are terrorists. People behind ITA – Istarska Teroristička Akcija (Istrian Terrorist Action) – are exception. Flyers claiming to be made by that organisation have appeared in Pula, capital of Istrian County. Those flyers contain lists of hundred names, all belonging prominent Istrian politicians, judges, businessmen and other public figures. According to the flyers, people from the list belong to "scum" and are connected with "Albanian-Muslim-Serb underworld that poisons children with drugs" and "Bosnian underworld that dominates construction business". ITA claims that each of the people from the list is going to be subjected to various form of punishment, ranging from beating, banishment from Istria to death.

Ivan Jakovčić (Ivan Jakovcic), county governor and leader of regionalist party IDS (former ally of current governing coalition) is on the top of the list, being sentenced to death. Jakovčić commented that list for the public and said that he wasn't impressed since those threats were nothing new. "Similar threats were made in the past, but this time, unlike during Tudjman days, police is willing to investigate them".


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