Saturday, May 31, 2003

Most Wanted and Most Unwelcome

General Ante Gotovina, Croatia's most wanted fugitive, is among the most unwelcome people, at least when USA is concerned. His name appeared on US administration's list of people accused of war crimes or sabotaging peace process in Southeastern Europe. Gotovina would be denied access to USA and all of his assets in USA would be frozen.

Second Croatian to appear on the list is Ljubo Ćesić-Rojs (Ljubo Cecis-Rojs), flamboyant member of Sabor and former Tudjman's general whose extremist views have alienated even his fellow MSes from HDZ. In an interview for today's Slobodna Dalmacija Ćesić-Rojs has expressed dismay over US government's decision to make him persona non grata, especially after his whole-hearted support for American invasion of Iraq, support that included even his offer to volunteer in military operations.


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