Wednesday, May 28, 2003

New Era of Sabor… NOT!

Tuesday was the day when Sabor was supposed to put its electronic voting system to its first test. However, MSes were satisfied with merely changing its standing orders, making them effective on Thursday. And those MSes who can't overcome their technophobia could comfort themselves with the new standing orders allowing vote tallying by hand whenever a parliamentary party demands it.

This little article of new standing orders is going to be abused a lot, since many parties would never like to watch electronic validation of their representatives being absent during crucial votes. Or merely having their votes being part of official records.

Only few weeks ago Sanader lambasted President Mesić (Mesic) for his statement in which he had accused HDZ of being against EU candidacy legislation during the latest vote. Mesić simply observed that most of HDZ representatives were against the legislation during the debate and later absent during the actual vote. With official records at hand, many parties and their leaders would look even more idiotic and irresponsible than they actually are.


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