Sunday, June 01, 2003

Dangerous Roads of Croatia

Ivo Baica, member of Sabor from Šibenik, has died in a car crash this afternoon. His "Rover" has collided with WW Golf with Austrian licence plates, resulting in Ivo Baica's death and three people being injured, including Mrs. Baica. The accident occurred on D27 National Highway, near Prezid, between Gračac (Gracac) and Obrovac.

Baica entered Sabor on HDZ and later switched his allegiance to Ivić Pašalić's (Ivic Pasalic's) HB (Hrvatski blok), following Pašalić's defeat in factional struggle with Ivo Sanader. After some time Baica, dissatisfied with Pašalić, returned to HDZ.


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