Thursday, August 14, 2003

Misbehaving Fans

Hajduk Split fans perhaps aren't as combative as Dinamo Zagreb fans, but they are definitely more creative. Two nights ago they penetrated Poljud stadium in Split and dug couple of grave-like holes at the pitch, apparently trying to express their displeasure with Hajduk's recent defeats in national soccer league and UEFA Cup.

Apart from showing how little respect the team and management have among the fans, this incident also shows the disturbing lack of security at one Split's greatest landmarks. Those digging the holes evaded security cameras, security guards and had ample time to engage in such activity. You could only imagine what could have happened if their intention was arson or act of terrorism.

Interestingly enough, Đermano "Ćićo" Senjanović (Djermano "Cico" Senjanovic), one of Slobodna Dalmacija columnists, takes rather sympathetic view of hole-diggers seeing in them nothing more than rather innocent prank, much like some of the similar and equally spectacular incidents in the past.


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