Saturday, October 18, 2003

It Takes One to Fight One?

It seems that US Army Lt. Gen William "Jerry" Boykin, new deputy undersecretary of defence in charge of fighting Muslim fundamentalist terrorists, is apparently Christian fundamentalist who sees War On Terror as some sort of struggle between "his God, who is "stronger" and "their" God - Satan.

Some, like Nick Barlow, are scared. Some, like Kevin Drum, are questioning US Administration's sanity in having one such individual running politically most sensitive military operations.

I'm not surprised. World's militaries tend to have personnel composed of people with more conservative views than general population. USA isn't exception – average US military professional is going to be more right-wing and religious than average US citizen. And when USA has population that is more right-wing and religious than other Western nations, it is quite normal for American military officials to look like fundamentalist loons.

Here in Croatia you would have to look very hard for high-ranking members of military establishment who don't have similar views.


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