Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Old Values & Modern Media

Croatian media often give impression that this country is liberal-minded, "progressive", liberated etc. when it comes to sex-related issues. Each and every 18-year old celebrity – model, actor, talk show host or athlete – shows incredible willingness to discuss the most intimate details of their love life in interviews, almost always telling that he/she is not a virgin any more. The reasoning behind this is that such brutal frankness would discourage obsessive stalkers (people who have over-idealised vision of their celebrities) and sleazy tabloid journalists. But every now and then some incidents show that deep down Croatia is conservative country devoted to old-fashioned values.

A week ago one of the biggest crime stories for Slobodna Dalmacija was the case of Biljana Barbir, 26-year old waitress from Virovitica. On October 4th she was abducted in Primošten (Primosten), small resort town near Šibenik (Sibenik) by Marko Radovčić (Marko Radovcic), 21-year old pizza man from Šibenik (Sibenik). The abduction, which had taken place in front of witnesses, was in most likelihood escalation of stalking obsession Radovčić had developed for Barbir.

Thankfully, this story had a happy ending – Barbir managed to escape and Radovčić surrendered to police soon afterwards. But the most interesting thing occurred when Barbir gave statement to Slobodna Dalmacija. In it she claimed that she hadn't been raped by Radovčić, and that she was actually virgin. Her family corroborated her claims, citing results of medical tests. To make additional point, Miss Barbir posed to Slobodna Dalmacija photographer from her hospital bed. In essence, she all but advertised her virginity, and for her being 26-year old virgin obviously was something to be proud of.


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