Sunday, November 09, 2003

[ELECTIONS 2003] Thus Spake Vuco

Election campaign is strange time, at least for those Croatians who use state television as the only source of information about upcoming elections. According to television, there aren't big or small parties – election law mandates media to treat each and every political party the same.

In case of state television that means that each and every party, coalition of independent candidates' list is supposed to get 45 minutes of air-time during which their representatives answer to set of questions about various issues. In case of Croatia, that means at least 100 or so different 45-minute shows that are supposed to be stuffed into programme. HRT scheduled those shows after well-publicised lottery.

Les than ten minutes ago one such show ended, displaying probably one of the more honest and more colourful candidates. Siniša Vuco (Sinisa Vuco), former rocker and current "turbo-folk" star of Croatia and few neighbouring countries, is running as the independent candidate (together with 13 other people) in 9th Electoral District.

Although I must confess that I haven't seen any other election show before, Vuco was very impressive, showing the best and worst of all amateur politicians – obvious inability to deal with serious issues and incredible confidence in providing simple answers to difficult questions. Needless to say, if he gets elected, Sabor is going to be much more colourful place.

One brave soul in Croatian cyberspace bothered to record wit and wisdom of Siniša Vuco:

"So, folks, see you in Trogir in a week"
(apologising to his fans over the concert he had to cancel in order to appear on the show)

"We shall pay our debts to pensioners through prostitution"

"That's difficult question. It is best to skip it."

"Solve the problem of bureaucracy? I'll send them all to public works"

"Tax policy? This is hard, much harder than singing… Čabo (Cabo), you tell something about taxes"
(Note – Marinko Čabo, former martial arts champion, is one of the candidates on his ticket)

"Like there won't be any war here in next 10 years… Are you serious, man?... There is going to be war, there must be a war"

"My final word? What do I know?"

Apart from this, he made quite a few good points, including some that seemed to be picked from my blog. And he would get my vote if he only had some glimmer of hope in breaking 5% threshold.


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