Sunday, November 16, 2003

K-Jo Booted!

Morbid curiosity led me to watch replay of last night's Story Supernova Music Talents. The months-long contest has entered into final phase and each week one contestant must be booted. Yesterday, to the surprise (and horror) of many, loser was Damir Kedžo (Damir Kedzo), young man who had recently started calling himself "K-Jo" and who had earned fame (or notoriety) by dumping his girlfiend in order to save her from death threats.

If I have to speculate about reasons why he lost, I would say that his fans didn't take his action as a sign of courage. Pandering to insane teeny bopper fan base in one thing, dumping woman who you are supposed to protect is another. Some would call him wimp. I would call him another name, which I won't use, because feminists among my blog readers would object.

On related note, I must confess that, despite not actually watching much of a show, I have favourites too. One is Nera Stipičević (Nera Stipicevic) from Makarska, another is Ivana Radovniković (Ivana Radovnikovic) from Zadar. Latter got my attention by interview in which she claimed that she had tattoo on her butt. Since I don't know why would anyone share that bit of intimate information to the public, I must hope that she would display that piece of art one day.

UPDATE: I've just found out that Kedžo was only 16 years old. That puts everything I wrote about him in completely different perspective. Phrases like "immature" and "irresponsible media" are more appropriate in this whole affair.


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