Thursday, November 13, 2003

Price of Fame in Croatia

I must admit that I never heard anything sung by Damir Kedžo (Damir Kedzo), but some people think that he has beautiful voice. In any case, in relatively little time he went from being nothing to being one of Croatia's greatest celebrities, all thanks to Story Supernova Music Talents.

Instant fame brought many privileges, but also many obligations. Kedžo had to satisfy enormous curiosity of his fans, and that included his love life. He not only stated that he had girlfriend but also posed to photographs with her.

That proved to be almost fatal mistake. In last instalment of Red Carpet, Nova TV's celebrity gossip show, he had to publicly state that he and his girlfriend had split up. The reason? Poor girl was flooded by hundreds and thousands of death threats coming from teeny boppers wanting Croatia's most beloved hunk for themselves.

This illustrates how celebrity culture can't properly function in countries like Croatia. Celebrities simply aren't allowed to have private life. Country is too small, everybody knows everybody and getting information necessary for stalking campaigns isn't that difficult.


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