Sunday, November 09, 2003

[ELECTIONS 2003] Beginning of Violence

Last night on the road between Karlovac and Zagreb a vehicle carrying Lovre Pejković (Lovre Pejkovic), director of Croatia's Exiles, Returnees and Refugees Administration, was ambushed. Three men in two cars forced Pejković's car off the road, approached it and punched Pejković in the face. Pejković is hospitalised and can't remember anything.

I would be very surprised if this isn't in some way politically motivated. In most likelihood, forces of radical right in Croatia feel emboldened by prospect of Sanader's victory and want to flex their muscles.

Another act of violence, although less severe, occurred in Imotski, Dalmatian town near border with Herzegovina. Only a day after large HDZ rally two SDP candidates – deputy prime minister Slavko Linić (Slavko Linic) and MS Marin Jurjević (Marin Jurjevic) – came to hold SDP rally. One of local right-wing sympathisers – 31-year old war veteran - greeted them with eggs before the actual rally. HDZ issued special statement denying any involvement with the incident.


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