Tuesday, November 11, 2003

[ELECTIONS 2003] Someone Might Censor This Blog

Not me.

National Electoral Commission ordered all ISPs, network administrators and Internet forum moderators to prevent "unethical statements, threats and calls for violence" related to campaign.

The decision was brought due to HB complaint. They reacted to statement by Frank Bilaver, member of HDZ National Council, published on Imo Forum Croaticum. Bilaver obviously didn't like the fact that Colonel Mirko Čondić (Mirko Condic), disabled war veteran (and one of 2001 pro-Norac rally movement leader) – one of Croatian far right icons – decided to run on HB instead of HDZ ticket. According to HB complaint, Bilaver said that "Mirko deserved golden monument for all of his service in Patriotic War and he also deserved to be hanged on that movement for such betrayal".

Wonderful. Some Tudjmanist get carried away in turf war over right-wing electorate and now I have to wonder about what to write in this blog.

Technically, this blog might be considered to be a forum, due to comments service.


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