Sunday, November 23, 2003

Slitting Throats

Whatever you may say about Islamists, Baathits, terrorists or whoever is attacking US forces in Iraq, they aren't cowards. If this report is true, people behind it needed some major guts to pull it off. Killing people in such fashion – even unarmed civilians – requires perpetrator to come very close to its intended victim. When the victim in question happens to belong to mightiest military in world and is supposed to be trained for such emergency, perpetrators need more bravery and luck than skill.
Story of heroic resistance engaging US soldiers in hand-to-hand combat was too romantic to be true. New reports give much more prosaic and much grimmer picture – soldiers were first shot, then, as they were helplessly sitting in the car, became victims of "heroic" mob that slit their throat and took away watches, wallets (and perhaps even some bodily parts) for souvenirs. If someone had videotaped the incident, that would have been that mythical "Mogadisciu Moment" anti-war crowd yearns for.


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