Friday, December 26, 2003

Air Safety

Thanks to Diana, I noticed an interesting site containing information about all major aircraft crashes in last 34 years. I browsed a little bit and noticed only 4 major crashes on territory of former Yugoslavia (including the one that claimed Ron Brown's life in 1996) and 2 of airplanes belonging former Yugoslav companies. Most of the accidents took place in 1970s.

I recently began experimenting with MS Flight Simulator 2004 so it is quite interesting how piloting skills in real life are much more demanding than my own.

UPDATE: This site is far from perfect, though. It fails to mention crash that claimed the life of Džemal Bijedić (Dzemal Bijedic), former Yugoslav prime minister in 1970s. The incident, now forgotten, was great inspiration for conspiracy theories and sick jokes in those times.


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