Friday, December 05, 2003

RIP Zdravka Krstulović (Zdravka Krstulovic) (1940-2003)

Zdravka Krstulović (Zdravka Krstulovic), one of the best known and most popular actresses to come from Split, has died today. She had relatively few entries in IMDb, but two among them – Nase malo misto and Velo misto – happened to be among the most popular TV shows in history of former Yugoslavia.

She died in nursing home, being struck by Alzheimer disease that had ended her acting career few years ago. Her plight was overshadowed by tabloid reports about physical abuse by her daughter, fashion model and part-time columnist Ivana Krstulović (Ivana Krstulovic) and her son-in-law Blaž Davidović (Blaz Davidovic).

Zdravka Krstulović I would like to remember is the one that made me laugh my lungs out while I had watched her performing in adaptation of Pirandello's comedy in local theatre many, many years ago.


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