Wednesday, January 21, 2004

SSNMT – Where Are They Now

More than a month after the end of Story Supernova Music Talents, new Croatian megastars are struggling to remain in public spotlight.

The winner, Rafael "Rafo" Dropulić (Rafael "Rafo" Dropulic) gave very interesting interview to Svet, Belgrade tabloid, in which he badmouthed some of his former housemates and told that he occasionally didn't wash for five days. According to "Rafo", such periods, caused by depression, often inspired his creativity.

Damir Kedžo (Damir Kedzo), Tin Samardžić (Tin Samardzic) and Saša Lozar (Sasa Lozar) are quietly preparing for the inevitable and the most embarrassing part of their contractual obligation – forming of boy band.

Nera Stipičević (Nera Stipicevic) has just failed in her bid to win role in Croatian stage production of Chicago. I didn't think that she had any chance. Severina, with her long experience and big clout, can pass as a serious stage performer. Nera Stipičević is too young and too weak compared with theatre professionals and their lobby.


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