Friday, April 02, 2004


One of the four men killed in Fallujah is Jerko Zovko, man whose name clearly tells of his Croatian descent.

But you couldn't find that in Croatian media. Which is very strange for the country where even the remotest indication of world celebrity's Croatian heritage results in media frenzy.

Then again, having Croatian elected as president of Argentina (one of Nestor Kirchner's grandparents was from Croatia) and having Croatian killed and mutilated in Iraq are two different things.

Furthermore, Croatia today tries to distance itself from Iraq as much as possible. After Madrid bombing even the most ardent supporters of Bush's war are finding convenient excuses for not sending Croatian soldiers to that country. Fear of Islamist terrorist is such that nobody dares to mention Croatian fighting for Americans in Iraq, even if that particular Croatian was Croatian only by descent.


Ivan Grdešić (Ivan Grdesic), Croatian ambassador to USA, has expressed condolences to Zovko family. The news wasn't on the front page of Slobodna Dalmacija, though.


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