Tuesday, June 01, 2004

First Blood in Scheveningen

A decade, while they were free, they committed unspeakable acts motivated with senseless ethnic hatred. Today, while they are behind ICTY prison walls, they represent model of multi-ethnic utopia worthy of "Brotherhood and Unity" of Tito's era.

So, it wasn't hard to imagine that the first violent incident involving two ICTY prisoners would involve people belonging to same ethnic groups.

According to Croatian media reports, few days ago in ICTY prison gym, Tihomir Blaškić (Tihomir Blaskic), former Bosnian Croat general, who was sentenced to 45 years for 1993 massacre of Bosnian Muslims in Ahmići (Ahmici), has attacked Ivica Rajić (Ivica Rajic), Bosnian Croat commander currently awaiting trial for 1993 massacre of Bosnian Muslims in Stupni Do.

Blaškić is currently appealing his sentence and, according to the lawyers involved in the case, is not happy with Rajić's testimony. Two men had clashed before, during the war when Blaškić tried to introduce higher discipline in Bosnian Croat forces.

Two men may be accused for similar crimes, but their fate in past years was different. Blaškić was among first non-Serb to be indicted and first war crimes suspect to go to prison voluntarily. Rajić was arrested and brought to Hague last year.


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