Wednesday, June 09, 2004

New Details About Severina Affair

1456 hits yesterday. More than 1100 hits today.

During tonight's Forum show on Croatian state television, results of the first major Severina-related opinion poll were published. According to poll, some 28 % of Croatians claim that they have seen the tape; some 34 % demand that those responsible for putting the tape of Internet should be severely punished (25 % want symbolic punsihment, while 29 % don't want any punishment at all); 47 % want Internet to be more strictly regulated (while 46 % are content with status quo).

Interestingly enough, one of the most liberal and down-to-earth panellists in the show was the Croatian police official in charge of cybercrime.

At the same time, more details about tape were published in Večernji list (Vecernji list). According to article, tape was first brought to the premises of HRT (Croatian state television) by one of the technicians employed by Željka Ogresta (Zeljka Ogresta) Show on May 29th. The tape was shown to the male employees of HRT Sports Programme. The article says that the tape was much longer than the 11-minute version distributed on the Internet and that its content was even more embarrassing to Ms. Vučković and Mr. Lučić – two of them are shown to consume "mood-enhancing substances other than champagne".

According to article, Ms. Vučković and her fiancé Srećko Vargek (Srecko Vargek) were informed about the tape almost immediately after it had been shown to HRT employees, apparently by famous Croatian singer and Ms. Vučković's good friends. Vučković was informed about technician's name and phone number but later never met him personally. Instead, the technician was confronted by couple of her bodyguards who demanded that the tape be returned. Technician "barely managed to convince them that the tape wasn't in his possession anymore".


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