Sunday, June 06, 2004

Victim of Severina

While almost entire Croatain entertainment, media, cultural and political establishment sheds crocodile tears about Severina's "rape", "invasion of privacy", "perverted Internet vultures" etc. and everyone takes great pains to express his or her love and loyalty to Severina, there are at least some people in Croatian entertainment industry whose sentiments towards Croatian diva aren't that positive.

One of them could very well be Žanamari Lalić (Zanamari Lalic), winner of last night's Hrvatski idol final. For Žanamari it was a long and bumpy ride, and it wasn't the first time she tried to win that coveted title. In Germany she competed in their version of Pop idol and managed to get among top 40 contestants. Here she managed to come straight to the top. But what was supposed to be the greatest triumph of her life was so thoroughly and mercilessly overshadowed by Severina scandal.

Žanamari Lalić, of course, isn't the only victim of Severina. Just like Croatian fishermen and their much more substantial plight got ignored by Croatian media, so did people whose life deserved much more attention – poor old Ronnie and all those thousands of veterans of D Day.


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