Thursday, June 03, 2004

Severina Strikes Back

10426 hits yesterday. It was four digits after all. Today it is 8500 hits and rising.

Zagreb Municipal Court issued injunction against banning the publication of Severina sex tape. The measure, brought after the request of Ms. Vučković's lawyers, threatens Prva stranica d.o.o. – company which owns - with 20,000 HRK (2714 €) of fine the court order is disobeyed. The measure is going to remain in effect until the end of lawsuit Ms. Vučković have 15 days to file.

Court in its ruling established that, by publishing still images, "violated the right of privacy, dignity, reputation and honour" and that further publications could create "irreparable damage" to Ms. Vučković.

Severina's lawyers also filed criminal complaint against unknown individual who had made the tape available on Internet.

Severina's lawyers also announced lawsuit against and criminal complaint against Matija Babić (Matija Babic), editor.

HGU – Croatian Music Union – called government and Sabor to use "drastic measures" in order to protect citizens' right to privacy and dignity.

Croatian media estimate that no less than 1,000,000 people have seen the tape in first 24 hours since the news broke.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I jus want to know haw long it would take the Croatian court to ban sex tape of some ordinary person.
I am not for the ban because she is public person witch earns money on selling her “video” in her case as singer to the public and by making your self as an object of effect ion of millions you know what will happen so when she goes to her great house and her boat or any luxury that she get as public person let her make just one question to her self would se have all of this if she wasn’t famous and unsown!

I will support her if she decides that she wants a presented in sell price off the move because in ferns she worked hard in it! :)

5:13 PM  

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