Wednesday, June 02, 2004

You Live, You Learn

Not so long ago I learned that I'm rabid reactionary right-winger.

Today I learned something new after getting my hands on last week's edition of Feral Tribune. The article signed with initials I.Dj. – the author is most probably Ivica Djikić (Ivica Djikic) – dealt with Husar, new Croatian fanzin dealing with military history. The article called the fanzine "boring", "amateurish" and "semi-literate", but the worst attack was ideological. The author obviously doesn't like fanzine author's admiration towards military operations from distant past. He says that he is afraid of people who are so obsessed with wars and weapons.

Since the writer of this blog happens to like military history, this means that I scare poor Feral journalist.


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