Wednesday, June 02, 2004


I've switched the TV set and saw the clip featuring Severina Vučković (Severina Vuckovic). My first thought was: "How this woman could continue with her career after Croatian public got unprecedented insight into her most intimate activities?"

In the meantime,, whose webmasters gallantly pulled all the images down after being politely asked by Ms. Vučković to do so, is overwhelmed by increased traffic. Needless to say, the home movie in its entirety has appeared on the Net. Brief shot of Severina waving to camera in the brief pause between some of the more explicit bedroom activities is going to become one of the iconic images of our time.

Emerging Croatian blogosphere also went into overdrive., Croatian blog host, had to suspend new blog entry because of the intense traffic.

Statcounter for this blog also went insane. Usually, I get 60-80 hits per day. This morning I received more than 100 hits in first few hours. I expect to get 500 hits before the end of day.


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