Thursday, June 03, 2004

Night of the Burning Modems (WARNING: Offensive Language)

5500 hits and rising. My estimates are around 7500-8000 by 09:00 CET.

Needless to say, access to certain Croatian ISPs became very difficult.

Of all reactions probably the most serious one is the comment from Željko Luketić (Zeljko Luketic) of Radio 101 which accuses Croatian establishment of hypocrisy. All those who are lamenting Severina's loss of privacy viewed stories about Pamela Anderson and Paris Hilton as fun. And nobody saw anything wrong with top secret documents from Presidential archives being sold to Croatian tabloids.

I might add that the worst case of hypocrisy came from Nova TV. In their commentary they attacked for breaking the story and thus endangering someone's "privacy and dignity". Yet, the very same Nova TV aired interview with Rebecca Loos not so long ago in prime time. The only reason why the interview was aired was to satisfy Croatian audience's curiosity about most sordid details of Beckham's private life.

Another, less serious comment comes from my fellow citizen of Split (I apologise for the language, but I think it is quite appropriate for this set of circumstances):

I'm so proud to be from Split… F**k Ivanišević (Ivanisevic), f**k Kukoč (Kukoc), f**k Oliver… Seve, you rule!

Most insightful comment also comes from Split:

Page 109 of CNN Teletext… Franjo Tudjman had to die and Goran Ivanišević (Goran Ivanisevic) had to win Wimbledon to get there.

Another insightful comment comes, this time from one Croatian Usenet forum (again, apologies, because of the language):

Seve is one hot chick. She became Croatia's sex symbol and, as such, a top trophy for nouveau riche who got any material possession available, so they have to get this. Not so long ago big deal was to ball (and make the tape in order to prove it, of course) Kasandra (does anyone remember her), now it is Seve's turn… I believe that there are many such tapes featuring Croatian starlets. Nothing weird, it is nice to cherish the memory of the night with Severina, this is for real… :oo)) And, as the wise man said "If you f***d, and you don't have anyone to whom you could brag about, you didn't f**k at all". And if you have a tape… It is true. We are like hyenas. We are delighted, but we are not delighted in seeing her suffer. We enjoy something that was forbidden to us not so long ago. In her a**, in her t**s, in watching her b**w with her big lips… If she knew that there wasn't anything malicious and Schadenfreude in our delight, perhaps she wouldn't have such a hard time.


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