Saturday, June 05, 2004

Severina's Video - New Version?

2424 hits yesterday. Only 500 hits today. This thing is definitely cooling down. I guess good people has already got the picture.

In the meantime, news about integral 40-minute version of tape being available on Internet has surfaced. Probably nothing spectacular would come of it, but ISPs and various are going to earn extra money.

The affair got international dimension and began to affect other countries when two Slovenian television stations – government owned RTV Slovenija and privately-owned POP TV – aired short clips from the video. Airing of the clips was condemned by most of Slovenia's talking heads, but RTV Slovenija is going to fare worse than POP TV. Severina's lawyers are announcing lawsuit and cash-starved and publicly financed RTV Slovenija is going to be hit much harder than profitable POP TV. Some speculate about RTV Slovenija raising its "subscription" (unofficial tax all TV set owners in European countries has to pay in order to finance their public television companies).

Severina is also expected to appear with exclusive interview in tonight's talk show on HRT, Croatia's state television.


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