Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Marina Bajlo Makes It

Marina Bajlo seems to be the first contestant to appear on the covers of Croatian magazines. This achievement is hardly surprising, considering the costume worn by Ms. Bajlo for that particular occasion. Accompanying texts speculate about Marina Bajlo being the very first contestant to engage in certain activities associated with Big Brother.

So far, nothing of the sort happened. There were reports and rumours about certain ladies being caught in their birthday suits by Web cameras, but RTL Televizija refuses to show that offending material in its daily summaries.

Despite contestants' best efforts, RTL Televizija still has some road to travel before achieving Croatian airwaves domination through Big Brother. Show's ratings are stilling trail ratings of state-run HRT.

Marina and the rest of the gang seem to be more successful in slightly improving hit counts in this blog. They won't amount to much, but it is unlikely that the readership of this blog would sink to pre-Severina levels. ation through has some road to travel before establishing


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