Sunday, September 19, 2004

Germany - Not A Model Any More

It is almost certain that today's regional elections in Germany are going to be either downplayed or completely ignored by Croatian media. Triumph of far right – which broke 5 % barrier and entered regional parliaments – is well-matched by excellent results for former East German Communists. All that occurred at the expense of two major mainstream parties – centre-left Social Democrats and centre-right Christian Democrats.

What happened in Germany is exactly what is not supposed to happen in Croatia. Two major parties –HDZ and SDP – tried very hard to shake off their authoritarian pasts and move to the centre. Sanader embraced minorities, anti-Fascism and renounced Tudjman's hardline nationalism. Former Communist Račan (Racan) embraced free market, slashing of jobs and welfare state.

In the process both parties began to resemble each other. It is very likely that many voters see that the choice between them is not a choice at all. And now even Germany, country that used to be the model of economic miracle and enlightened European democracy, is not going to be utopian model for Croatians yearning for centrist moderation.


Blogger Matt the Hat said...

Well done on talking about real polotics (ie those outside the bloody US). Keep it up.

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