Thursday, October 07, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Dark Horse

Big Brother Croatia housemates have got themselves a pet in the form of female pony named Susy. This gift almost brought Filip, former horse owner, to tears.

In the meantime, while housemates prepare to conduct their weekly task, Jutarnji list has made a snap poll among the 11-member panel made out of housemates' friends, siblings, parents and other relatives. The idea is to see which candidate is most likely to be nominated. News aren't good for Ozren and Filip who received 6 votes each. Next one to worry is Valentina who received 3 votes. Zdravko and Antonija have 2 votes each. Ana, Saša (Sasa) and Marina received 1 vote, while Krešo (Kreso), Sanja and Alen received none.

Those results, more or less, follow the pattern that could be found in most of Croatian on-line polls, but they tend to reflect what public sees through the layers of RTL Televizija censorship rather than what really goes on in the House and what housemates really feel about each other.

In last 24 hours some developments occurred that could make at least one nominee look less certain.

First development is a discussion held between Zdravko, Filip and Marina, caught "live" (with 30 seconds delay) for Exploziv magazine on RTL Televizija. Trio was discussing their respective lifestyles and Marina tried to justify her taste in clothes, make-up and fine living by the hard work in her family's café. The topic quickly switched to weekly task of performing a stage play and than Marina started contemplating the aftermath of eventual failure to perform weekly task. The consequences would be catastrophic – serious reduction of House budget that would force at least some housemates to make difficult choice between food and cigarettes. Consensus was that the smokers wouldn't take this lightly. Unsaid but the obvious conclusion was that the nervousness and other expressions of nicotine withdrawal might could have serious consequences for someone's nomination chances and public sympathies.

Marina, of course, didn't have to put any elaborate plan of sabotage in the motion. She only stated the obvious and some developments seen in this evening's daily summary and brought from livestreams only made her point.

This evening, RTL Televizija showed image of Ozren and Krešo doing nothing and contemplating their own nomination chances, at times almost admitting that they want to have at least one of them nominated on Friday.

Other housemates began to express their concern for Krešo who, in the last few days, showed sign of depression and homesickness while being less and less enthusiastic for his court jester routine that had made him so popular in and outside the House.

This evening's daily summary ended with very unpleasant exchange between Ozren and Alen that brought possibility of first major brawl in Big Brother House.

Reports from Croatian Internet forums indicate that one of the last play rehearsals, during which Ozren and Krešo did nothing, forced Ana to start yelling at them and tell them that both are going to be nominated. Even Saša, who used to take their side, had to agree with Ana's point.
While Ozren's nomination looks like a done deal, Krešo's is at this point more likely than Filip's. Only a day ago such prospect looked impossible.


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