Monday, October 04, 2004

Patriot in Black Shirt

Severina Vučković (Severina Vuckovic) is today the best known Croatian to live on this planet. Many believed that 11 Minutes That Shook The World – videoclip responsible for her global fame – would be her last enterprise of such nature.

Severina decided to prove all doubters wrong by appearing in relaunching her singing career with new, spectacular videoclip for the song called Hrvatica (Croatian Woman) during which she sings and dances surrounded by images of Croatian flag.

The videoclip brought Slobodna Dalmacija journalists back to Severina-worshipping mode and today's article expresses delight with Croatian diva's new enterprise.

Croatian blogosphere, on the other hand, isn't that enthusiastic. First of all, Severina appeared in the clip dressed in black shirt – fashion detail disturbingly similar to certain ideology Croatia is now frantically trying to distance from. Severina's stance in the videoclip is also reminiscent on those promoted in the opus of Leni Riefenstahl.

And even those Croatians whose ideology leans rightwards probably won't appreciate songs' lyrics in which Severina describes herself as embodiment of traditional Croatian values.

Those who lean leftwards are furious over verse "Djeca vam slušaju pogrešnu majku" ("Your children are listening to wrong mother") which is seen as an attack towards Bosnian rapper Edo Maajka.

Edo Maajka fans among Croatian bloggers are now describing Severina in terms I hope I'll never use in this blog. Those who have seen Ms. Vučković's previous videoclip probably have some idea what those terms are.


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