Monday, October 04, 2004

Jambo Wins

Elections for Metković (Metkovic) City Council were apparently very important for Sanader and his party. Prime minister himself came to campaign for his list and even brought Prljavo kazalište (Prljavo kazaliste), one of the most popular Croatian rock bands, to play on HDZ rally.

But all that was in vain. Citizens of Metković, at least those who don't like HDZ, smelled blood and went out in droves. 57 % turnout, quite unusual for local elections, was seen as referendum against HDZ.

Independent candidates' list led by Stipe Gabrić "Jambo" (Stipe Gabric "Jambo"), controversial local tycoon and HDZ dissident, won 58.5 % of the vote and 11 out 17 seats in City Council. "Jambo" is going to be the next mayor of Metković.

HDZ won 26.5 % of the votes and 5 seats. SDP won 5.5 % votes and 1 seat.

This debacle doesn't bode well for Sanader few months before regular local elections in Croatia.


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