Monday, October 04, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: First Major Crisis

The picture is unclear, livefeeds were down and the only source of information comes of official and fan forums. However, it seems that something important happened in Big Brother House this evening.

Some inappropriate questions about relationship between Ozren and Ana were asked in Confessions room by Big Brother. When Ozren heard about that he immediately asked Big Brother to talk with his girlfriend Viktorija and hear what the media is telling about their relationship. Big Brother refused and offered psychological counselling instead. Ozren said that he would leave the House immediately. Ana reacted to all that with tears.

It is unclear whether Ozren is really going to leave the House (and whether the show would bring back-up candidate), but if this story breaks out, Ozren's chances of evading eviction are nil.

At the same time, RTL Televizija executive have reasons to be satisfied. On Thursday the show featuring girls kissing in Jacuzzi has managed to beat Croatian version of Who Wants To Be Millionaire? on state-run HRT.

Right now, Ozren is still in the House. The gang is currently discussing horror movies.

UPDATE: Ozren apparently changed his mind as decided to try his chances in next two weeks.

Valentina reacted to that by showing Donald Rumsfeld's levels of diplomatic subtlety and expressing what most other housemates think. She asked Ozren whether he wanted the housemates to do him a favour by unanimous nomination.

Regardless of what the ultimate reaction would be, Ozren is history. His instability won't sit well with the housemates, while the outside crowd would see his flipflopping as something pathetic.


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