Thursday, September 30, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: First Endorsements and First Campaigns

RTL web server is currently unavailable, and this is hardly surprising after the scenes displayed in this evening's Big Brother daily summary. RTL Televizija viewers had opportunity to see some highlights from last night's birthday party. The high point of the evening occurred when all 12 contestants – for the first and, in most likelihood, the last time – shared the same Jacuzzi, fuelled with alcohol. All that profound effect on some contestants, most notably Filip who engaged in hours-long makeout session with Sanja. Then Sanja rose this spectacle to another level by performing another make out session, this time with Sanja. At the end, both girls gave perfect ending to this evening's daily summary through their flashing of breasts.

It is difficult to speculate how all those events could affect blocs and cliques that had begun to emerge in the House. Filip is getting distanced from the rest of Beautiful People, most notably Marina. At the same time, Valentina also began to drift from Marina who, in her words spoken in Confessions Room, doesn't seem "to have much fun".

It is also difficult to speculate how all that would affect Friday's phone vote. Some contestants received endorsements. Marin Tironi, winner of Story Supernova, first Croatian reality show, endorsed Ozren who in, his words, doesn't deserve to suffer without girlfriend, even for "measly 1 million HRK".

Irena, Egle's best friend, has announced that she would try to lobby citizens of Rijeka to help her fellow citizen by voting Ozren out of House.


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