Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Embarrassing and Not So Embarrassing Revelations

While the contestants in the House often complain about not receiving a single word from the outside, Croatian media has began to dig all kinds of stories about their past. Some revelations are merely intriguing, while some are embarrassing.

Alen is, according to Večernji list (Vecernji list), registered as proud owner of four different motor vehicles which definitely puts him into "Why This One Needs A Million" category of contestants. There are also reports about couple of traffic citations while Alen's own story about attacking policeman with a pen still remains unconfirmed.

Ozren, on the other hand, can already be seen as someone belonging to Croatian jet set. Edo Maajka, famous Bosnian rapper, is revealed as one of his close friends. Even in younger days Ozren had talent for mingling with celebrities – at the age of 16 he dated Nataša Leto (Natasa Leto), a girl who would later become one of the most famous Croatian handball players. But Večernji list also discovered couple of traffic citations and criminal record related to possession of marijuana.

While most people expect Egle to be evicted, Ozren's own mother hopes for the other result. She says that Big Brother is "much worse than she expected" and that, knowing what she knew now, would have tried to dissuade him from going to House. She says that she is concerned for his mental well-being and "deeply disappointed" for seeing him smoke on TV. She hopes that she would be evicted and return to loving girlfriend Viktorija Antolović (Viktorija Antolovic) with whom he had ten months of stable relationship.

Another, somewhat more explicit sort of revelations were provided by Alen. Tied with Antonija, he didn't think much of changing clothes and even briefly offering her sight of his most intimate parts of anatomy.


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