Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Mini-Profile #12: Zdravko Lamot

Zdravko Lamot, born on January 26th 1981 in Zagreb, 182 cm, 75 kg, blonde hair, blue eyes, Aquarius, single, brother Martin, no children, student, hobbies – martial arts

The youngest of all contestants in his initial video-presentation gave impression of potential troublemaker. His love of martial arts, combined with friends/relatives talking about "immature" love affairs, indicated person with huge potential for conflict.

But during first week Zdravko remained mostly quiet and didn't show much effort in trying to be "cool". This is somewhat understandable, considering his "Beckham" looks that would do wonders when it comes to phone voting in later stages of contest.

Zdravko so far spends time cultivating few friendships and sometimes trying to teach martial arts to other housemates (with Valentina as his most enthusiastic pupil).


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