Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Mini-Profile #3: Sanja Kvastek

Sanja Kvastek, born on June 18th 1981 in Zagreb, 162 cm, 54 kg, brown/black hair, brown eyes, Gemini, single, brother Martin and sister Kristina, without children, History student soon to graduate, hobbies – sewing, making ornaments, painting

Although born in Zagreb, Sanja Kvastek spent most of her life in Slavonia, which explains her heavy Slavonian accent.

Before appearing in the show she used to squat and attend poetry slams. She is outspoken vegetarian and promotes healthy lifestyle. Somehow she manages to reconcile that with her excessive smoking.

In the very first hours of the show she clearly indicated that she thought of herself as "hip" and "liberated". She was the first to publicly talk about her menstruation and later made detailed description of her bathroom activities. She was the first to publicly state that she would appear naked in front of cameras – which she did later on, albeit without the effect Marina Bajlo would later cause.

Sanja is very aggressive during conversations and very distinctive in any kind of fun activity. She always tries to animate others to join the fun.

When it comes to cleaning dishes, chopping woods and similar forms of housework her enthusiasm for physical activity suddenly drops. During such situations she prefers to sit and smoke.


Anonymous Bruno Hootz said...

I`m very happy for her, cause she is very rare person. Her stability, selfconfidence and power of knowledge makes her one of 20 persons in the world. And, she is cute too

3:03 PM  

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