Thursday, September 23, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: A Cup Half Full

One of the most eagerly awaited events of Big Brother Croatia has finally happened. Less than 48 hours ago, Marina Bajlo – the most talked about of all contestants – has removed shirt and showed what overwhelming majority of male fans had been dreaming to see.

Technically speaking, Marina Bajlo is not the first contestant to appear nude on the show. At the very first night Alen Mačinić(Alen Macinic) has briefly revealed some of his private parts. Shortly after that Sanja Kvastek, head-shaven vegetarian had announced that she, unlike other female contestants, wouldn't mind being naked in the shower. She quickly used the opportunity to stand by her word, but her nude images didn't create much of the interest.

Marina Bajlo's nudity on the other hand, was worthy of putting it at their front page.

Just as I have predicted, Marina Bajlo has sharply divided Croatian public. Comments on Internet forums clearly indicate that this divide is based on gender and/or sexual orientation. Marina Bajlo became object of worship among men and object of utter disdain by women - words like "slut" and "sponzoruša" (sponzorusa) began to appear first few minutes after her introduction to the show.

Her (partial) nudity puts new perspective on many of the negative comments. Before this earth-shattering event, she has been branded as "ditzy brainless gold-digger who doesn't have any quality other than her body". When some parts of her anatomy became available for closer inspection, Marina's body suddenly became "ugly" – most of those who dislike found new argument in allegedly insufficient size of her mammary glands.

If Marina Bajlo had those anatomical details in size worthy of this gentleman's filmography or matching those who made Ivana Radovniković (Ivana Radovnikovic) famous, it is quite certain that the negative comments would have been revolving around words like "silicone", "fat" and "big breasts equals no brains".

Considering the immense stakes raised by this event, Friday is going to be very important day for Marina Bajlo and Big Brother Croatia. If she gets nominated, teenyboppers – who tend to decide the outcome of such contest – would make a short work of her. If she doesn't get nominated, she is very likely to win and Big Brother Croatia is going to keep its male half of the fan base.


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