Thursday, September 23, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Naked Truths

Even such esteemed news source as had to react to the latest Big Brother development. They showed the legendary images and accompanying text said that, based on them, "Marina Bajlo doesn't look special".

Those comments should be taken with a huge grain of salt because only few hours later proudly announced its own reality show – Little Sister. In the next five days visitors of that particular site are going to see two Croatian Playboy models interviewing various celebrities in various stages of undress. Little Sister boasts that each of those two ladies has certain parts of anatomy "three times the size of Marina Bajlo's".

At first stage the site seemed a little bit under construction, but shouldn't be criticised for rushing with this project. In Big Brother itself Marina's legendary state of undress was, deliberately or not, triggering explosion of unrestricted sexuality. Today, the viewers of daily summary witnessed nudity en masse – couple of contestants, both male and female, jumped into Jacuzzi and later paraded in their respective birthday suits. RTL Televizija, while showing ladies' mammary glands in all their glory, electronically blurred certain parets of male contestants' anatomy.

This transformation of Big Brother into sex show continued during the evening. While discussing their respective love lives, some contestants tried very hard to familiarize other housemates with their love for certain unorthodox sexual practices.


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