Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Mini-Profile #2: Ozren Petrić (Ozren Petric)

Ozren Petrić (Ozren Petric), born September 4th 1975 in Zagreb, 185 cm, 78 kg, blond hair, blue/green eyes, Virgo, single, no children, student, hobby: wakeboard

In his presentation, Ozren tried to give impression of an "ordinary guy" from Zagreb blue-collar suburbs, but he is actually the only contestant who had some sort of celebrity status before appearing in Big Brother house. In 1999 he became first Croatian beach volleyball champion.

He is student (where and what, he never told or RTL Televizija never bothered to investigate), but his 29 years of old show that he either decided to earn some degree late in life or that he wasn't a model student.

He didn't make much of an impression in first few days, preferring to stay silent and observe other candidates. When he did speak, girlfriend and immense love he feels for her were almost exclusive topic of conversation.

Later, he loosened up a little bit and took part in (in)famous naked Jacuzzi outburst.

He mostly hanged out with the guys, and Krešo (Kreso) seemed to be his closest friend.


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