Friday, September 24, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: First Blocs Emerging?

So many things are happening in Big Brother Croatia, too fast to those who want to keep track of them and too saucy for those who like to maintain the image of Croatia as conservative Catholic country. The worst thing is the lack of proper information – daily summaries on television are censored, live coverage happens only at night and even livestreams are manipulated .

However, it seems that the very eve of first nomination some basic blocs, alliances or cliques have began to emerge. One of them is - for the lack of better word - based on ideology. Valentina Tasić (Valentina Tasic), Filip Voloder, Zlatko "Beckham" Lamot have gathered together and expressed their displeasure with the (in)famous Jacuzzi outburst. Marina Bajlo, who also took part in it while keeping her bathing suit on, agreed with them. All four think that some other contestants went too far with their exhibitionism and that show can be fun even without excessive nudity.

If those four decide to act on those views, they might very well target certain contestants during nomination process and thus formally establish Big Brother Croatia faction of Beautiful People.

On the other side are those contestants who aren't particularly attractive, but aggressively try to compensate that with "cool" antics. Sanja Kvastek and Egle Brožič (Egle Brozic) might fit into this group of "Not So Beautiful Exhibitionists".

In the middle are those who might decide the final outcome of the show. Another potential grouping is Hippie Chicks – Antonija Blaće (Antonija Blace) and Ana Gotovac. Saša Tkačević (Sasa Tkalcevic), Ozren Petrić (Ozren Petric) could form the bloc of Quiet Committed Guys, while Krešo Jengić (Kreso Jengic) and Alen Mačinić (Alen Macinic) might form Macho Exhibitionists.

The nomination process is going to reveal whether certain contestants are more dedicated to fun or victory. Some might see one of their housemates as particularly annoying (Sanja is most likely candidate for that title) but nevertheless decide to keep her in order to get rid of more serious competitor in the future (Marina might easily become targeted as the most attractive woman of them all). Others might see their own mental stability in next 90 or so days as more important than long-term strategy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"even livestreams are manipulated"
this is very much the case with the usa big brother. when something interesting is happening the live feed focus on a fish tank. more often, when nothing interesting is happening, the live feed cameras will stay on the fish for close to an hour.
the television show is on for 1 hour, 3 times per week and is heavily edited, and tells a different story than is what is really happening.
thank you for your updates in english. now that big brother 5 has ended here in the usa, there are many americans watching the croatian version!

2:52 AM  

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