Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Mini-Profile #1: Ana Gotovac

Since non-Croatian Big Brother fans use this blog as a source of information about the show, I feel obliged to help them a little by offering mini-profiles of contestants and the highlights of their appearances during Week 1.

Ana Gotovac, born on January 30th 1974 in Šibenik (Sibenik), 178 cm, 62 kg, brown hair, brown eyes, Aquarius, single, sisters Tina and Irena, without children, economist, hobbies – acting and singing

Ana comes from Šibenik, city from where Goran Višnjić (Goran Visnjic) (of ER fame) and Dražen Petrović (Drazen Petrovic) – one of the greatest basketball players of all times – came. Šibenik is a city that suffered a lot during 1991-95 unpleasantness – although not the battleground itself, it was close enough to frontline to experience shelling. The war wrecked the city's economy – most of the money is made only during two months of tourist season; for the rest of the year Šibenik is dreary, depressive place where young men live on welfare and drugs. Ana said that her motive for entering the show was to "escape from all that".

Ana is among the older, more experienced and more educated contestants. She travelled to Italy. Used to play basketball and now on television prefers watching sports to soaps or movies. She immediately made a point about being single and not having children. In a small city like Šibenik, 30-year old women in such situation (and Ana's relatively attractive looks) are considered "weird".

Ana is somewhat aloof, but tries to compensate it with expressing liberal ideas and occasional outburst of hipness. At one time she sang Pink Floyd song, showing that she knows lyrics by heart – ability that is difficult to find among Croatians under age of 30. She doesn't think much of a marriage, seeing it as "hypocritical" institution. She would, more than anything else, prefer to have a baby. She had one miscarriage in the past.


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