Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Mini-Profile #5: Marina Bajlo

Marina Bajlo, born on January 14th 1980 in Medulin, 160 cm, 50 kg, brown hair, blue eyes, Capricorn, single, sister Paola, without children, tourist/catering technician, hobbies – dancing

"Bajlo" is Slavicised form of "Bailo", surname associated with notorious Fascists and collaborators during 1941-43 Italian occupation of eastern Adriatic (former Yugoslav, nowadays Croatian) coast.

City of Medulin is situated in Istria, peninsula whose inhabitants, in decade and half of Croatian independence, developed reputation of being more tolerant, open-minded and liberal than the rest of Croatia. They could have afforded it because Istria was one of the richest regions of former Yugoslavia, thanks to efficient and well-managed tourist industry.

Marina's family was one of many to benefit from this, but apparently not enough to spare their favourite daughter from having to work in their own caffe. It seems that most of the salary went to Marina's cosmetics, but she also managed to put all that to good use. Her initial presentation left many males in the audience simply stunned – in pink bikini she looked more like a supermodel than ordinary girl from Pula.

At first she looked nothing more than ditzy blonde, goldigger and tease, but this impression quickly changed after few hours. At first opportunity, when no other contestants were around, she began to quickly and efficiently wash dishes, clean tables and put house in order. Of all contestants, she seems to spend most time working, while the rest is dedicated to her personal appearance.

She doesn't seem to have much education and doesn't like movies much. The only LOTR film she have seen is Fellowship of the Ring. On the other hand, she used to be great fan of Il Grande Fratello, Italian version of Big Brother.

There isn't much to report about Marina's pre-House life. She used to date a young man doing his obligatory military service in Croatian naval base in Split. She also broke up with her boyfriend prior to the show, convinced that such relationship couldn't survive under such circumstances.

Marina Bajlo doesn't mind being caught naked in front of cameras, but draws the line when it comes parading in birthday suit in front of other contestants.


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