Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Mini-Profile #10: Filip Voloder

Filip Voloder, born on May 2nd 1979 in Split, 176 cm, 75 kg, black hair, brown eyes, Taurus, single, sisters Patricia and Andrea, no children, entrepreneur, hobbies – tennis, riding horses

First shot of Filip Voloder's initial video-presentation showed him as bartender. But illusion of a blue-collar Joe Average disintegrated as soon as he mentioned his 11 years of tennis and he newly found fondness for horse riding. His apartment is near tennis court (one of the most posh sections of Split) and he owns a horse (something very few people in Croatia can afford). "Why this guy needs 1 mil. HRK in the first place?" is the question that immediately popped up.

Image of hard-working blue-collar Joe Average was more fitting for his parents from Dalmatian hinterland, at least until they returned from Germany with bundle of money which allowed them to raise their children in a world of luxury. Filip nevertheless has some problems with self-esteem and is apparently worried over hair loss.

He spent a lot of time in Germany and used to watch local version of Big Brother.

At first, he was very quiet and faceless. He opened up only later, with aggressive attempts to befriend everyone in House, which led many to mistake his excessive hugging of Sanja as some kind of romantic advance. But he abstained from major outbursts of "hipness" and later used his displeasure with displays of nudity to find common ground with some other housemates and thus start first Big Brother Croatia clique. He gives impression of someone who lacks charisma and leadership abilities, but compensates that with diplomatic skills.


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