Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Mini-Profile #6: Saša Tkalčević (Sasa Tkalcevic)

Saša Tkalčević (Sasa Tkalcevic), born on December 11th 1971 in Bjelovar, 179 cm, 80 kg, blonde hair, blue eyes, Sagittarius, married, brother Ozren, sons Eduard and Ernest, locksmith, hobbies – sculpture, tattoos, bikes

Shortest description of Saša is "Bjelovar biker with wife and two near-teenage sons", but the most correct could be "natural leader in the house". Simply for being oldest and most experienced he became something of a father to the whole Big Brother family.

His blue-collar skills were also of immense help to other housemates, especially when they had to chop wood and put out fire.

Saša doesn't talk much and lets others entertain crowd, but when he talks everyone seems to listen. While he does this he is quiet, soft-spoken thus making his managerial style closer to Pope than oriental despot.


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