Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Mini-Profile #9: Antonija Blaće (Antonija Blace)

Antonija Blaće (Antonija Blace), born on October 2nd 1979 in Zagreb, 163 cm, 60 kg, light brown hair, green eyes, Libra, single, half-sister Branka, no children, student, hobbies – making lamps

Antonija was born in Zagreb, but she spent most of her early life in Dalmatia, thus keeping specific accent. She also spends summers on the island of Hvar where she works in the bar.

Of all housemates, Antonija is the one that fits description of "intellectual" – she studies Graphic Design and Portuguese language.

However, Antonija caught housemates' and audience's attention because of her other qualities. When they stop drooling over Marina, most of the male section of the House simply can't stop complimenting certain parts of Antonija's anatomy.

The audience, which had opportunity to see Antonija naked during Jacuzzi incident, is more intrigued by her very liberal views on sexuality. While discussing her love life, she expressed displeasure with monogamy and said that she saw "nothing wrong with being with five different guys". She also expressed her fondness for certain unorthodox sexual practices.


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