Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Mini-Profile #11: Valentina Tasić (Valentina Tasic)

Valentina Tasić (Valentina Tasic), born on November 24th 1980 in Mostar, 170 cm, 67 kg, brown hair, brown eyes, Scorpio, single, sister Ivona, no children, student, hobbies – writing, painting

Mostar, city where Valentina is born, is capital of Herzegovina. Unfortunately, during 1992-95 Bosnian unpleasantness many people disagreed whose capital this city should be, resulting in many people having to raise their children elsewhere. Because of that Valentina grew up in Germany and now lives in Čiovo (Ciovo), small island where many wealthy citizens of Split keep their weekend houses and country estates.

Section of Čiovo where Valentina lives is relatively remote, allowing Valentina to run around house "naked without fear of being spotted by neighbours". But nudity is unlikely to appear in the show. Valentina is adamant of not being naked in front of camera and even takes shower in bathing suit.

Valentina might be conservative when it comes to expression of sexuality, but in spiritual matters she is more into New Age stuff. She believes in reincarnation, claims that she used to be in India during one of her past lives. She also claims that she had seen UFO over Čiovo one night.

Another characteristic of Valentina is that she holds strong views but often succumbs to emotion, whether this emotion is tears over nomination or her not so subtle drooling over Zdravko.

Valentina is huge fan of Big Brother and used to watch the show in Germany.


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