Saturday, September 25, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Post-Nomination Blues

Last night's weekly show allowed me to make few observations related not to the contestants but to the show itself.

If some serious problems like fights, contestants walking out, suicides etc. ever occur in House there would be one simple explanation in the form of Big Brother chief psychologist. Tanja Pureta looks more attractive than female contestants. It looks like she got the job because of that, rather than her expert knowledge.

However, Tanja Pureta at least gives impression of knowing her business. Daria Knez, show's host, does not. In the greatest moment of her career she allowed Zagreb Drama Arts Academy training to rear its ugly head and completely ruin her performance. If there is Croatian television's equivalent of Razzie Award, Daria Knez would be among the prime contenders, thanks to her bad acting and pathetic attempts to be funny and "cool".

In the meantime, House is rapidly turning into dark and dreary place. Before nomination, Big Brother tried to cheer contestants by allowing them to watch Shreck on their TV. They also drank some alcohol and it turned out that Ozren can't hold his liquor very well. He raised his voice in very unpleasant manner and didn't look like a with whom most of contestants like to be at that particular moment. Alen and Ana also had serious altercation – Ana thinks of Alen as immature and both of them raised voices against each other.

Egle spent much of the day depressed.

Big Brother team was temporarily cheered up by successfully completing its weekly task. They increased their weekly house budget and are now planning to get more alcohol.


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