Monday, September 27, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Getting Physical

Big Brother housemates got another weekly assignment. They must complete "Croatian Triathlon" – make 100 km on rowing machine, run 100 km and cycle 1000 km. They were given exercising equipment and each of them must take part in those three activities.

According to confessions, most housemates are convinced that they are going to complete their weekly task.

In the meantime, it became apparent that Ozren's nomination had at least something to do with his very mean and unpleasant drunkenness before the actual nominations. Many contestants saw this new side of Ozren's character as nasty surprise. Morning after, while sober, all 12 tried to deal with this new development.

Ozren is, however, unlikely to get out of House, at least according to on-line polls. Some 80 % are either want Egle out and see her as more likely candidate for eviction.

Another interesting development is Marina's statement that she doesn't mind being caught naked in front of camera. Soon first shower images appeared on Internet, showing her naked back. They were accompanied with images of Antonija showing her breasts, and last night's daily summary also offered brief glimpse of Ana's breast while she was changing clothes.


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