Sunday, September 26, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Beautiful People Hold Conference

Friction continues in Big Brother house, but this time source of conflict is smoking or, to be precise, whether to allocate more of House budget to cigarettes or alcohol. Non-smokers at the end proved to be more flexible and accepted smokers' demands. Alcohol divided housemates on gender lines – women preferred wine, while men demanded beer.

Quartet of Marina, Filip, Zdravko and Valentina held another meeting. Marina expressed her preference in men – "successful, but not necessarily famous" and "able to do the cooking, ironing and rest of housework". Valentina is less demanding – she wants only man "who won't make too much of a mess in the house". But the subject of discussion quickly turned from romance to politics. Zdravko was in full damage control mode, expressing his regret about certain words used during nomination and hoping that the fans outside won't misinterpret them as too harsh.


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