Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Beckham Scores and Filip Receives Advice

According to official RTL updates and this evening's daily summary, nothing of importance has happened in the House on Monday, at least not during the day.

Evening was quite eventful. Saša (Sasa) has accidentally smashed small wardrobe during Jackass re-enactment. During another improvised game involving small ball made out of socks, Alen received a hit directly in his most sensitive spot. Ball was thrown by Zlatko. RTL Televizija has aired the footage of the incident with the titles "Beckham Scores".

Filip probably had the most eventful of all nights in the House and has only himself to blame. He made a serious error in entering girls' bedroom dressed only in his briefs just in the moment while the young ladies have been discussing his hairstyles. Marina said that, in her view, Filip could look better with his head shaven. Filip at first resisted, but the sight of Marina in underwear proved to be quite convincing argument. In a matter of minutes girls have shaven Filip's head; Marina did most of the work, adding hairstyling to the long list of skills displayed during her presence in House.

Losing his hair didn't discourage Filip from staying in girls' bedroom. His male housemates decided that additional lesson was required. They blocked the door leaving scantily dressed Filip in company of few scantily dressed and aggressive women. Filip decided to make the best of his predicament by performing very short striptease. The door was unblocked and Filip left girls' room in order to join his friends and tell them all kinds of war stories.

Discussion in men's bedroom was mostly revolving around Filip's love life. Saša (Sasa), Ozren and Krešo (Kreso) have offered all kinds of advice to Filip regarding his plans with opposite sex in the House.


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