Thursday, September 30, 2004

Big Brother Croatia Update: Shock, Awe and Disgust

Last night was rather eventful in Big Brother House. You may get this impression if you watch current livestream and notice ever-present Marina and the rest of the female gang engaged in all-out cleaning operation. Many complain that they have to deal with broken glass and vomit.

It is too early to tell what really happened, at least for those who don't hang watch livestream continuously. What is certain is that a party was thrown for Alen's 25th birthday. First inter-gender French kiss occurred between Filip and Sanja.

Alen received a spectacular birthday gift in the form of VW Cabrio. The occasion was slightly by incident created by Valentina. Ever resourceful Herzegovina girl has used opportunity to find the exact time and later she turned on the radio. She immediately turned it off after being warned by Big Brother about rules breech.

Alen's gift is most likely to shock many of Big Brother fans, especially those who, unlike contestants, don't enjoy benefits of having rich parents or well-established local businesses. It is almost certain that this gift is going to create enormous voter backclash. If Alen gets nominated, he is almost certain to be thrown out of House.


It is all but confirmed that the "gift" for Alen was nothing more than RTL Televizija's publicity stunt. VW Cabrio is award that awaits one lucky phone voter.

The confusion was in most likelihood result of certain Croatian fan site that had misinterpreted the birthday party scene.

Writer of this blog apologises to his readers and all parties involved in this controversy.


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